Penn Central On the Boston & Albany Line
One territory on the former NYC that fit six axle diesel well was on the mountainous Boston & Albany. Since the big GE's were based out of Selkirk,NY.(outside of Albany,NY),they freguently could be found on the head ends of a B&A freights. Here, for example,a U33C-U30C-SD45-U25C combination headed by the 6552 climbs the grade outside Pittsfield,Massachusetts in May 1976. You can actually see the "bow" in the train about 25 cars back.
Photo by Jack Armstrong, Herbert H.Harwood Collection
GP38-2#8107 Leads an eastbound TOFC train through West Brookfield,Ma on the one time Boston & Albany Main line.
Photo by Herbert H.Harwood
U33C heads a seven unit llashup of GE and GM low nose products with a westbound freight around the humpyard at Selkirk,NY October,1973
Photo by R.J.Yanosey
RS2 #5229,former NYC #8229,works a Pittsfield and Canaan way freight at Canaan,CT.,in October 1974.
Photo by Jack Armstrong ,Herbert H.Harwood Collection.