Derailment On The PNA

Former Pittsfield,Mass To North Adams Branch Line
Photo's By Randy Trabold

A Penn Central local on the PNA heading back on the return trip to the WestYard "formerly - North Adams Junction", from the lime mill in Adams,Mass. Derails in Cheshire,Mass short of the Railroad crossing and dumps a couple of cars into the lake and the little pond close to Route 8.. The photo's were taken sometime in the early 70's..

Penn Central's daily local from Pittsfield were

scheduled to head north between 6am and 7am in the morning. The local

would haul between 10 to 15 cars to Adams,Mass. And the speed

restriction would be between 5 to 15mph,due to the condition of the

rail bed.. And the local would return back to coltsville around supper time..