Conrail Photo's On the Boston & Albany Line
Westbound Conrail Frieght with GP40-2 #3374 leading crosses the river in Huntington, Mass during April 1983. CopyWritten by Houghton's RailImages

Conrail SD80MAC #4123leads a eastbound frieght over the summit at Washington,MA on May 16,1999 CopyWritten by Houghton's RailImages
Penn Central #6519 a U25C leads a westbound freight up Washington Hill on the B&A through the Twin Ledges midway between Chester and Middlefield, Mass Photo by Jim Wright May 1975
Conrail SEBO crest Washington Hill on the former B&A in Dalton, MA June 14,1997 Photo By Jimmy Tylick
Conrail/CSX TV Train heads a eastbound by the West Yard down by lower East St in Pittsfield,Ma. This was the second sighting of CSX Power on the Boston & Albany Line. Photo By Paul Vallone